How We Got Started - Learning From Fukushima

When the Fukushima disaster happened, both Japan and America sent their best robots. But their ability to get through the collapsed infrastructure and rubble was limited to impossible. Not to mention the extreme environment of heat and radiation.

Asimo could not walk through that environment, neither could Atlas (Google / Boston Dynamics). So what had gone wrong, I thought androids were there to help us?

The bomb diffusing police robots fared no better with their tank tread mobility.

Humans are unique. We are flexible, We can climb. And heavy servo based designs are slow and clunky.  Yes we have seen some interesting balancing hybrids like the Army Dog and the Oregon University Bi-Ped. But still they depend on servos which tend to clumsily fire.

Other efforts - like the terrible EcceroBot which is still totally robotic and based on servos - simply have not succeeded. We need fundamental new technology to do this. Which is why Noonean is starting at core breakthroughs first and not reusing servos and controllers. Breakthrough materials and breakthrough manufacturing - IDEX multi material combining flexible materials and super strong ultralite materials all printed in 3D together. 

Yes we have a long way to go. Won't you join us for an amazing journey ?