NeuralBase™ - Voice Interactive Neural Database

For many executives key company data is locked up in complex databases. Dashboards show a limited and fixed view of the company. Complex reports have to be requested. Wouldn't it be simpler if you could just ask your computer for information? This is the design goal of NeuralBase™. More than a database, it is a Neural Assistant interface to your company's information.

"Hello Eve"
    "Yes Dr. Giavelli"

"What was our total sales to BigCorp for the past two years"
    "Our total sales was $1,492,302 dollars"

"Which of our sales associates had the most sales this month?"
      "The sales associate with the most sales this month was Jason Thomas"

"How much in total sales did Jason Thomas sell?"
      "Jason Thomas sold $430,000 in software licenses and $28,000 in support contracts"

"Thank You Eve"

You don't have to start from scratch. Using our system quickly interface with your existing databases with simple configuration setups. Then the system is tested and tuned as you begin using it.

Product Features:
  •    Natural Language Interface
  •    Ability to use simple language to access complex named tables
  •    Ability to get voice alerts to data criteria
  •    Group By Totals (list product sales by category)
  •    People Metrics (who is the top salesman of the week, month)
  •    Product Metrics (which product is the top seller of the week, month). What product has greatest revenue. 
  •    Revenue Metrics (how much did sales increase from last year)
  •    Request a eMail report (Please send me a detailed report on James' product sales for 2012)