TuringScore™ - Simple Machine Learning for Business

TuringScore™ makes it easy to score and rank business data

Whether you are performing Risk Analysis or engineering optimization, TuringScore™ makes it simple to find the best solutions or the highest ranked options. It gives a relative score based on training in the same way FICO scores indicate credit.

Using an underlying convolutional neural network layer called a Tuple Processor, TuringScore™ can help companies solve complex risk evaluations which are multi-factorial. Supporting up to 256 simultaneous factors which are weighted, scenarios are scored. Then human knowledge is captured by re-ordering the scored list. This simple method of training is repeated, capturing the knowledge that's often difficult to express as a simple rule of thumb. These type of combined factors are hard for people to express with simple rules and act more like our mental intuition. It's the difference between your A game employees and the rest.

Areas of Application: 
   Engineering Analysis
   Risk Scoring
   Deducing "best of path" process
   Market Analysis as it impacts your business