Natural Language Morphological Search for the Enterprise:

  • Despite the popularity of [NLP] cloud-based services, cost and accuracy were key challenges companies face when using them. (2020 Gradient Flow Survey)
For enterprise search accuracy is very important as you are trying to find the best answer out of millions of possibilities. Inefficient TENSOR models require huge GPUs to keep up and don't scale to the enterprise.  They aren't very GREEN and require enormous amounts of electricity to train. 

The alternative? Noonean's more accurate and more efficient approach. 

Noonean EnterpriseNLP is the words fastest and most precise search engine. 

Advanced Digital Knowledge Systems:

Noonean  digital brains for autonomous systems and androids are based on cognitive cybernetics and brain like neural topologies. It allows them to approach more true cognition, language modeling, and knowledge modeling than two dimensional tensor architectures. 

We are dedicated to our customer success and ROI. So take a look, read our Fortune100 success stories, and let us know if you have any questions.  The next generation of intelligence tools for the enterprise are here ready to power your enterprise to the next level of strategic information flows.

"NLP is arguably the most essential solution for companies to invest in. If your company isn’t part of that the leadership group, it will be a laggard, and miss out on significant productivity gains." - Venture Beat