Why Noonean ?

Noonean is a loose reference to Dr. Noonian Soong, the creator of the first cybernetic conscious being named "Data" in the television series Star Trek The Next Generation.

What is Noonean?

Noonean focuses on developing more human language systems. Our current products use advanced NLP technology to create a better search experience with more precision and also directly taking you to the answer. 

We use a unique patented algorithm which is designed for optimized enterprise and large scale search with advanced grammatical morphological analysis. Most other product offerings today have far simpler levels of analysis or are AI/Tensor based which can produce strange outlier results or not be very efficient at large scale.

In contrast, we compare grammar structure sentence by sentence like comparing two snowflakes. This then allows us to show potential answers as sentences from large documents with highlighted answers - in ONE STEP.

Our customers are generally larger companies with complex search needs who do financial, research, legal, or health, or any company trying to do better with external or internal enterprise search, knowledge management, intelligent business routing based on NLP, or tools to do research in custom verticals.

Our product takes you directly to potential answers which helps customers have a more positive search experience. We also use other techniques so that we learn about the user over time to further improve search tailored to their interest - we know if they manage computer chips or potato chips.

Why Choose Noonean to deliver your enterprise NLP and knowledge management solution?

If you truly need to deploy enterprise NLP and NLP based knowledge management into production at scale, quickly delivering insights into the hands of decision-makers, and NOT get stuck with a algorithm that you still have to figure out where to deploy and get ROI, then Noonean is for you. We impact your business bottom line from the get go! Our NLU based intelligent business routing can save thousands of employee hours per year. Our custom named entity recognition can customize search to your vertical further saving your employees time and improving research.

We are designed for the Enterprise from the beginning of our product design, not as an afterthought. We support your organization no matter the size, easily scaling from a single user on one laptop to thousands of machines. No headaches, no IT nightmares.

What about failover and 24x7 requirements?

Our query translation engine runs on multiple servers in a round robin dns environment. Our integration point also is multi-node and our off-line indexing will not effect 24x7 requirements.

And if you aren't familiare with Dr. Noonian Soong, here's some more from the memory alpha wiki entry:

Soong was the designer of at least six Soong-type androidsDataLoreB-4and a recreation of his wife Juliana, as well as two prototypes. He was the descendant of the 22nd century criminal geneticist Arik Soong, who started the work in cybernetics that his descendants, down to Noonian, continued. An associate of Ira Graves, as well as a star scientist of the Federation in his own right, Soong's early work was highly regarded and he promised breakthroughs on the positronic brain. After failing to deliver on his promises, the disgraced and utterly humiliated Soong disappeared. Traveling under an assumed name to the colony on Omicron Theta, he continued his research, unbeknownst to anyone but his neighbors. (ENT: "The Augments"; TNG: "Datalore", "Inheritance"; Star Trek Nemesis)
While living on Omicron Theta, Soong met and fell in love with Juliana O'Donnell and the pair married in secret on Mavala IV, keeping their relationship secret due to Juliana's mother's disapproval of her daughter's involvement with a much older man; their intention was to show her later that they could make their relationship work. Together, they perfected his design and built functional humanoid androids with advanced artificial intelligence. Each of the androids created by the Soongs represented an advancement and refinement of the potential for their creations