Gianna Giavelli, President

Gianna has been a pioneer in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and neural network design. She is the inventor of the neural cube approach incorporating elements of Edelman dynamics and Pribram Holographic modeling. She was an early pioneer in artificial life and as a student of John Koza at Stanford (Thesis: The Genetic Coding of Behavioral Attributes in Cellular Automata, 1994) developed genetic models for behaviour in artificial life simulations. She is considered one of the early pioneers in genetic programming and hereditary models of genetic programming. She also is a pioneer in self organizing neural network systems and applying complex grammars to search.

After graduating with a degree in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence from Vassar College, the oldest cognitive science program in the nation (Thesis: A Neural Network Model of Handwriting Recognition, 1989), she went on to apply her learning at IBM Research and Federal Systems working on projects such as the advanced tactical fighter prototype and the B-2 Spirit electronic defense system. She also led a 200M IBM project for Nokia in Helsinki Finland. She was also briefly CEO at PowerPipe, an internet Icaan registrar. 

She has an extensive background in search technology including as an architect at Relevance, a semantic net dynamic categorization and search startup and a strong background in architecture leading technical teams on over 20 projects.

She has been an innovator and launched or participated in several successful companies including TeamScape (1M sale to Peoplesoft), Relevance (50M sale to Documentum), and CrossMyPath (an internet augmented reality system). She has held senior technology roles at IBM, Oracle, Nokia Finland, Documentum, and most recently was the CTO of Blueturn Media where she developed rule based AI to run America's nuclear fleet.

Marty Saxton, Vice President of Research & Development
Marty brings over 20 years experience in software product development. He has held senior roles at Visa and eBay. Marty has years of experience managing software development teams, expertly aligning individual strengths and passions with the right projects and tasks. He has a masters degree in Computer Science from West Chester University.

Advisory Board
Knowledge Management & Search - Dr. Anthony J. Rhem PhD
Dr. Anthony J Rhem, PhD., is a recognized thought leader, author and consultant in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Information Architecture and Innovation. Since 1990 has served as CEO/Principal Consultant of A.J. Rhem & Associates, a privately held system integration consulting, training & research firm specializing in Knowledge Management (KM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Dr. Rhem consults with venture capitalist and investment firms specifically as it pertains to technology innovations, best practices and trends. As an advisor Dr Rhem’s work includes participating on the Corporate Advisory Board for the ASCII Group; Chairman - Board of Trustees Knowledge Systems Institute; Industry Advisory Board – International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE); Technology Council of Advisors Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG); Advisor - International Bar Association (IBA) Law Firm Management; and Member of the National Science Foundation SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Review Panel in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Knowledge Management (KM) and Education Solutions.