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Not satisfied with the precision of your corporate intranet search? Does your search just show you document links? EnterpriseNLP can reduce your employees time spent on searching for information by fifty percent. It takes you directly to the answer not a document link. 

EnterpriseNLP is the only NLP technology that works at enterprise scale, returning results in milliseconds. 

Are your employees finding all the information they need? Tired of clicking page after page of documents never finding what you want? There IS a reason why. 

Most search products can only index at the DOCUMENT or the WORD level.  Noonean indexes at the SENTENCE level and finds the best sentence match, not a document link. 

EnterpriseNLP provides a more modern way to search using language analysis - natural language processing - specifically ontological and morphological analysis. Technically it is part of the new emerging field of Insight Engines, Cognitive Search and Natural Language Understanding - it goes far beyond simple indexing engines or simple part of speech NLP.

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How EnterpriseNLP is different:
For real value add to the modern enterprise, traditional search is not enough. Leveraging enterprise scale natural language processing - cognitive search - is what Forrester Research has recognized as the next evolution of search. 

According to Forrester Research,  Cognitive search and knowledge discovery solutions should: 
  • Understand any data that enterprises can throw at it. First and foremost, cognitive search solutions must connect to and ingest data from a wide variety of sources. Search is no longer just about unstructured text contained in documents and web pages. 
  • Scale to handle big data. It is not uncommon for a large enterprise to have a portfolio of hundreds or sometimes thousands of applications, potentially reaching over a petabyte of data stored on-premises or in the cloud. All these applications generate data that is potentially valuable for search applications. 
  • Implement Ingestion Intelligence - We use several techniques at data ingestion time to increase the power of NLP search including typing of the query vs typing of the sentence, named entity recognition, and intent recognition.

According to Gartner, Natural Language Processing is a key technology companies will be adopting:
  • By 2020, 50 percent of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural language processing (NLP) or voice, or will be automatically generated. The need to analyze complex combinations of data to make analytics accessible to everyone in the organization will drive broader adoption.

Regular search systems just use the word frequency across the whole document. EnterpriseNLP uses grammatical analysis, morphological role,  and sentence dependency structure to show you the exact sentence that matches your query. It shows you the answer, not just a document link. 

        Support for special query types and named entity recognition: 
                  people  (Who is ...)
                  locations  (Where are ...)
                  date and time   (When is ...)
                  money   (How much does ...)
                  organizations and proper nouns

Another big differentiator is custom named entity recognition (CNER) for industry verticals. Take Healthcare for example. We can design and develop CNERs for Physician, Prescription, etc. Then they can be added to queries like 
     > what patients are still waiting for appointments PHYSICIAN:"John Smith"
     > who has had the best outcomes SCRIPT:mylodextrin

This can be developed for any of the verticals our customers work in. 
EnterpriseNLP is easy to install with your existing search technology or let us provide a complete solution based on Solr. With state of the art natural language processing and analytics we can help your employees find the right information quickly and powerfully.

Key Features:

  •           10 to 100 millisecond response time
  •            Supports millions of documents
  •            Shows you the answer, not just a document link
  •            Award Winning Technology (Best of Activate 2019)

Competitive Analysis:
While many of the Big Tech companies provide cloud based NLP services, they don't actually provide enterprise NLP based search. For example, Google's NLP offering offers sentiment analysis and named entity extraction but not NLP search. Amazon's NLP offering - Comprehend - also does not provide enterprise search. Instead "Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text". Amazon's newest offering "Kendra" appears to have errors in their search technology.

Microsoft Azure is now declaring they have "cognitive search" but they only offer simple named entity extraction. It's miles from an actual cognitive search implementation. Don't be fooled.

For many companies with huge numbers of documents, the time and cost of uploading all of them to the cloud would be excessive.  Another drawback of the "just load your documents into our cloud" is the security/sensitivity issue.  Keeping your sensitive documents within your own enterprise is a more secure option, and that's exactly what Noonean EnterpriseNLP supports.

In Summary:

EnterpriseNLP is the most sophisticated and advanced technology on the market today and we achieve the best performance and accuracy of any tool - returning results in just milliseconds. How much will your company save by having the right information at your employees fingertips. How much will your administrators save by having a much simpler solution to enterprise search?

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