Live Demo : Covid Search

This virus search demonstration #covidchallenge uses our advanced EnterpriseNLP AI, Ontology, and Morphological Grammar Engine to index large research articles (106,263 documents) and take you directly to the best sentence answer. This is advanced NLP; much more than simple part of speech and named entity recognition.

Select one of the example questions from the list and it will automatically be copied into the search text input, then hit enter or the search button. Or you can directly type into the search input box. 

Notice that when you search by "percent" it pulls up results that don't contain the word percent but it's smart enough to know what that means. Similarly for "when" queries it's intelligent and will show and highlight results which have time content. 

There is no "pre-training" or special processing for the sample questions.  

Can the competition do this? NO. We are the fastest most precise search engine in the world. 

Queries must contain FOUR or more words or 3 words with the first word being a question word

Search Terms are underlined in the results and results are highlighted for org, location, time, symptom, drug,quantity and person

 To view the article links it might be better to open the search in a new window due to cookies issues