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  • 9/16/2019    PwC Awarded "Best Workplace Search Implementation" 
EnterpriseNLP was one of the key technologies which helped PwC win best of show at the 2019 Lucidworks Activate conference.  Demonstrating advanced use of AI, Signals, and NLP, PwC beat out 100 competitors. PwC is an early adopter of our advanced NLP technology and utilizes it for enterprise search connecting people with millions of documents and NLP answers.

  • 2/20/2018: Project 47 boasts 1 PetaFLOPS of compute power at full 32-bit precision delivering a stunning 30 GigaFLOPS/W, demonstrating dramatic compute efficiency.1 It boasts more cores, threads, compute units, IO lanes and memory channels in use at one time than in any other similarly configured system ever before. 

  • 1/19/2018  Founder Gianna Giavelli mentioned as a genetic programming pioneer in NewsMax article  
A Software That Evolves Itself
Richard Grigonis, Newsmax,

"While John Holland and his students were perfecting genetic algorithms, his colleagues (such as Nichael L. Cramer, John R. Koza and Gianna Giavelli) were founding the even more mind-boggling field of “genetic programming,” a similar evolutionary machine learning technique that can evolve and optimize a population consisting of entire computer programs designated to perform a task such as designing an electronic device, playing a game, predicting the movement of the stock market, etc."