TopSearch Optimizer - Increase search precision

The TopSearch Optimizer helps companies drive users to the right search documents and improves the search experience for 50-60% of the most common queries. It lets you tune your queries easily through a simple web interface and improve your hit% as well as boost the relevancy for your most important queries.

It works by mapping query terms to pre-defined Business Entities.  Business Entities are major search destinations or the key language of the business.  Every month the tool loads the top search data and helps flag candidates for new business entities.  Then search terms are mapped to business entities. Finally no-click data (where users did not find a result for their query) can be uploaded and examined and again re-mapped to correct business entities.

Forrester writes that cognitive search should:
"Include integrated tools for usage analytics, tuning, and app dev. Use cases for cognitive search are not one-size-fits-all. They must be customized based on the kind of data that the use case requires to ingest, periodically tuned by administrators to boost relevancy, and embedded in applications used by employees and/or customers."

Unlike a synonym which replaces a query, the TopSearch Optimizer uses query expansion to enhance the query.  Then sites can be configured with boosting to determine how much an effect the optimizer has on the user query. Importantly, the original user query is still maintained not replaced.

Later, when several months of data has been created, the need to re-organize terms and move data, update data, and delete entries becomes more important. The TopSearch Optimizer supports all of these maintenance operations making it easy to maintain.

The TopSearch Optimizer uses query frequency/month to both recognize business entities and enhance queries.

It is a game changing tool that has a dramatic impact on the precision of your user's queries and their satisfaction.

When you purchase TopSearch Optimizer with EnterpriseNLP it extends the functionality of EnterpriseNLP with recognition of your business entities. This eliminates the problem of phrase detection in queries and the complexity and slow processing of phrase (or shingled) queries versus simple queries.

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