Why Noonean ?

Noonean is a loose reference to Dr. Noonian Soong, the creator of the first cybernetic conscious being named "Data" in the television series Star Trek The Next Generation.

From the memory alpha wiki entry:

Soong was the designer of at least six Soong-type androidsDataLoreB-4and a recreation of his wife Juliana, as well as two prototypes. He was the descendant of the 22nd century criminal geneticist Arik Soong, who started the work in cybernetics that his descendants, down to Noonian, continued. An associate of Ira Graves, as well as a star scientist of the Federation in his own right, Soong's early work was highly regarded and he promised breakthroughs on the positronic brain. After failing to deliver on his promises, the disgraced and utterly humiliated Soong disappeared. Traveling under an assumed name to the colony on Omicron Theta, he continued his research, unbeknownst to anyone but his neighbors. (ENT: "The Augments"; TNG: "Datalore", "Inheritance"; Star Trek Nemesis)
While living on Omicron Theta, Soong met and fell in love with Juliana O'Donnell and the pair married in secret on Mavala IV, keeping their relationship secret due to Juliana's mother's disapproval of her daughter's involvement with a much older man; their intention was to show her later that they could make their relationship work. Together, they perfected his design and built functional humanoid androids with advanced artificial intelligence. Each of the androids created by the Soongs represented an advancement and refinement of the potential for their creations