Natural Language for the Enterprise

Enterprise NLP™ - Insights for the large enterprise

Our natural language Enterprise NLP  lets businesses quickly ask complex questions against millions of documents using simple english. Who is the ... Where can I find... What does ...

Easy to install with your existing search technology or let us provide a complete solution. Using state of the art natural language processing and analytics we can help your employees find the right information quickly and powerfully.

Our product is the most sophisticated and advanced technology on the market today and we achieve the best performance and accuracy of any tool - returning results in just milliseconds. How much will your company save by having the right information at your employees fingertips. How much will your administrators save by having a much simpler solution to enterprise search? Try EnterpriseNLP - the search technology for innovative companies.

 OnticBase™ : Using AI to Manage Massive Data for Business

Businesses are overwhelmed with data. Our OnticBase™ is a unique fact relationship based  NLP based product to capture and relate business information so you can find it without having to know complex database languages. It captures the language of your unique business so you can find information efficiently.