Neural Language Systems - NLS

Robotic language systems seem quite rigid and well.. robotic.  Even Alexa and Siri seem quite dated in the 90s, they seem to just be saying the same bad phrases over and over.

"Alexa what is the weather today"
"It is 32 degrees"
"Alexa what is the weather today in Farenheight"
"It is 32 degrees"


By integrating Natural Language Processing with a Neural Matrix we create more human like language structures and replies.

This is very important in working with assistance social cybertrons where enforcing language is a large part of the value they provide to the elderly and alzheimers patients.

It is also important in working with humans in general. Humans quickly get bored of repetitive speech.

"Do you want to dance" says the dumb robot to the elderly man over and over

"NO! I dont want to freakin dance!" screams the man

"OK Let's Dance" the dumb robot begins a stupid dance

This should not be the state of the art where we are in language today.

Noonean Cybernetics is working on advanced integrations where the language responses themselves evolve using genetic algorithms and trainable neural networks.  More Human Robotics.