OnticBase - NLP Powered Knowledge Management

OnticBase is an Ontic processor based on natural language processing which digests and captures knowledge. It is third wave AI - a self learning self adapting systems. Just as a relational database relates terms, an OnticBase relates concepts, business entities, and facts.

Do you need to access terabytes of knowledge and get information at your fingertips or is your database more like finding a needle in a haystack? OnticBase does not require a complex language like SQL to query for information, just ask your question in everyday english and review the most relevant facts and concepts found.

The OnticBase grows with you and captures the language of your company.

It is dynamic and self active, it can self train and improve its intelligence as well as respond to feedback.

We believe OnticBase will be a new kind of database which will revolutionize how Humans work with information. Your employees may move on, but their knowledge to make your company successful will live on in OnticBase.  Employees may submit facts directly, and relate them, or the system can process existing documents and extract facts.

Product Features:
  •    Natural Language Interface - ask yuur question in plain english
  •    Explore relationships between business entities
  •    Ability to refine and tune relationships and relationship types
  •    Ability to capture critical employee knowledge for Knowledge Management
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