OnticBase™ - Neural Powered Knowledge Management

OnticBase™ is an Ontic processor based on neural networks and our proprietary NeuralCube technology. It is a real living thinking brain that digests knowledge in document form. It can be queried using our Digital Assistant HelloEve. It will allow companies to have access to terabytes of knowledge at their fingertips and the ability to ask complex inference type questions which require knowing the relationships of your companies terms. The OnticBase™ grows with you and captures the language of your company.

At it's core is a TeraFlop Neural Processor managing billions of Neural connections. It is dynamic and self active, it can self train and improve its intelligence as well as respond to feedback.

We believe OnticBase™ will revolutionize how Humans work with information. Your employees may move on, but their knowledge to make your company successful will live on in OnticBase™

Product Features:
  •    Natural Language Interface
  •    Ability to use perform data submission using language or test
  •    Ability to refine and tune relationships and relationship types
  •    Ability to capture critical employee knowledge for Knowledge Management