Noonean is developing more human language systems for information capture and interaction and more human cybernetic systems for access in restricted environments such as nuclear, aviation, and space. 

Digital Assistants for Business - Conversational AI

We are an Austin TX company developing deep learning systems for business focused on natural language and conversation.  These systems help business capture and analyze information and provide a more human access to complex information through natural speech or text.

Using AI to Manage Massive Data for Business

Businesses are overwhelmed with data. Our OnticBase is a unique NLP based product to capture and relate business information so you can find it without having to know complex database languages. Our TuringScore product is trained to help bring a laser focus to relevant data by using machine learning and neural network techniques.  Sift through the TeraBytes with Noonean technology.

Cybernetic Assistants

We are developing cybernetics based on more human principles. These semi-autonomous mobile systems engage and understand their environment, and will provide access to difficult environments as well as more human environments such as supporting aging population.